Consumer Complaints:

We get no pleasure from consumer complaints and the few complaints we do receive, we take very seriously.  We receive very few complaints regarding our service.  We exercise great effort to share the best callback record in the appliance service industry with less than 0.03% callback. 

0.03% percentage rate represents three call-backs based on one hundred (100) service calls and appliances repaired.  We are not pleased when we get a complaint, however, if we get 3 complaints from every 100 service calls we perform, we must be doing something right... and represents a 97% satisfaction record.

More talk about the 0.03%:

We have discovered after 30 years in the "Service Business" that most of our complaints are from "do it yourself" consumers.  "Do It Yourself" consumers will call after exhausting their own abilities to repair the appliance.  If we discover during the initial service call request " the caller" is a "do it yourself" consumer, we  offer advice only and will not schedule a service call.  If the "do it yourself" call inadvertently slips thru; this is what follows 70% of the time. 

1.  We arrive at jobsite to discover the machine has been taken apart, it's in multiple pieces.
2.  Job will take more time due to "Do It Yourself" efforts.
2.  Our technician will quote a firm price before making the repairs.
3.  "Do It Yourself" consumer gives our technician the go ahead based on price quoted.
4.  The broken appliance is repaired under the watchful eyes of the "Do It Yourselfer".
5.  The technician is paid and moves on to next job
6. "Do It Yourself" customer goes online and discovers the price of the part utilized in the repair. He knows he could have fixed it, if he had only known the part to purchase.

Our heartache begins with the follow-up phone calls from the "Do It Yourself" customer "usually the same day" complaining of the following: 

A) job took less than an hour {or} less than 30 minutes. 
B) cost was too much for the time it took to make the repairs.

AAA Fast Service Personnel will ask the following questions:

A)  Are you satisfied with the work?  Customer Answer:  YES
B)  Was a firm price quoted before any work was performed?   Customer Answer:  YES
C)  How can we be of additional service?  Customer Answer:  I got ripped off!
D)  We again ask:  Was a firm price quoted before any work was performed?   Customer Answer:  YES

We have discovered "Do It Yourself" consumers expect to pay very little for services... and always less than what is required for a service company to stay in business.  If we do not agree to their price reduction demands, we get blasted on the internet, at the BBB and everywhere else.


We provide fast, same day repairs on most makes and models of household appliances.  We are licensed and insured with many years of skillful repairs...  AAA Fast Service truly stands out from other appliance service companies.  We offer the very best in friendly service.  Our standard of doing business is superior to most other Service Companies.  We strive to achieve the absolute best for our customers in both the service we provide and the time we spend with our customers.  We offer valuable discounts for Military Personnel, Police Officers, Firemen and Senior Citizens.

Don't settle for second best, rely on the experts at AAA.  We are here to stay and we are committed to maintaining the same high quality and professional service you and your family have come to expect from us.

Our founder started our Service Related Business in 1972.  Our founder soon discovered his favorite choice in a company name caused our advertising to land on the last page of the phone book directories at the appliance service headings.  Phone book shoppers usually do not waste time going to the last pages of the headings... our company suffered financial burden while the name issue lasted due to lack of service calls in our beginning years.  We reluctantly changed our name to an Appliance Service name which was more advertising friendly and closer to the beginning pages.

What to Expect during the service request phone call...
One of our friendly dispatchers will ask for the following information.  Contact Name, complete job-site address, main intersection, phone numbers to call, Appliance type, brand, appliance issue, and if before 12pm or after 12pm is preferred by our customer.

What to Expect before we arrive...
We call the job-site contact person before arrival to verify the appointment and to get last minute instructions if required.  If we believe we may be late, we attempt to call the contact person to notify the contact person of the circumstances of our tardiness.

What to Expect during a service visit...
Our technicians will evaluate the appliance and make service recommendations based on the current circumstances and condition of the appliance.  Many times (if deemed needed) our technicians will also include in the quoted price "preventive maintenance measures" which may include additional parts and labor that are not broken at the time of visit but may be considered by our technician as a part which may cause the client additional repair cost within a short period of time if not replaced.  The additional parts and labor for a proper repair would  make our cost estimate seem high but in actuality our estimate and final cost of repair would be less in both actual cost, consumers time, and stress.  Our older technicians have a minimum of 15 years experience.  We carry Consumer Protection and Liability Insurance in the amount of Two Million Dollars.  We guarantee our parts up to 36 months and our labor up to 1 year.

We know our competition...after 30 years of doing business.

We know there are companies and individuals which are quoting smaller prices.  We are skeptics and we believe "you will get what you pay for".  Each service company quotes a price which is dependent upon their overhead, business structure and method of doing business.  We thought it prudent to list a few companies and circumstances where we would not be able to compete.  :)

We can not compete with quoted prices you receive over the phone.  Some appliance service companies will quote a low price over the phone and another price at the jobsite.  One large corp appliance service company has been doing this quite frequently... they will also request consumer credit card information and will charge your card at time of service request.  They are quoting 129.00 to repair the broken appliance, however, after arrival at job-site, the price turns out to be 129.00 + parts + labor + tax.  If you miss your appointment, you are charged 129.00 for the appointment.  We can not mention any names, however, the first letter of their company name begins with S.  

AAA Fast Service can not send our technician to your job-site, supply new parts, provide the labor required, and pay the sales taxes to fix your broken appliance for 129.00.  It can not be done by us or the LARGE COMPANY with the name that begins with S.

1. We do not compete with service companies which perform the minimum amount of work to get you by for a few days, weeks or months and only charge you 145 bucks until the appliance breaks down again and they come back to charge you another 150 bucks and another....

2. We do not compete with the company which sells and service appliances, they will employ delivery personnel, warehouse maintenance personnel as well as repair personnel.  They move appliances every day of the week.  They bang them up, fix them up and deliver them to your home.  When they send out a service rep to perform the service repair, it may be the delivery guy, the warehouse guy or the repair guy.  This type of service company will subsidize the service department from the sales division as needed.  They are in the service business as a secondary business, not primary.  We do not compete with this type of service company.

3. We do not compete with your local Utility Company or any other Public Service Company which are subsidized by public taxes.

4. We do not compete with the Handy-Man.

5. We do not compete with brother-in-laws, relatives, neighbors or friends.

6. We do not compete with the house painter.

7. We can not fix the broken appliance for as little as the "Do It Yourself" person can do it for, if they knew which part to replace.

Conclusion: If the only focus is cost... our website visitor would be best served by calling one of the 1-2-3-4-5-6-7 companies or individuals described above.

Our focus is "GREAT SERVICE". We provide fast service, fast parts and fast return trips if required.