The Naked Truth: 1,000,000 Satisfied Customers

There are a few appliance service companies which advertise one million plus satisfied customers!?

50 service calls per day and 50 satisfied customers per day times 365 days per year equals 18,250 satisfied customers per year.  After 10 years, the service company would have 182,500 satisfied customers.

At the end of 50 years the service company would have 912,500 satisfied customers.

Happy Satisfied Customers will usually call the same Service Company...

If an appliance service company had One Million Happy Satisfied Customers... the service company would have no need to spend thousands of dollars per month advertising "One Million Happy Satisfied Customers".

912,500 Satisfied Customers would produce 250 service request per day.

The average technician can complete 8-10 service calls per day, 250 service calls per day would require 25 fulltime technicians working 7 days a week.

Extra Note: The owner of the above described small service company would be paying taxes on three million dollars per year personal income. The owner whould be living in a very lux lifestyle with such revenue... and be very wealthy.

The only service companies that get 50 and more service calls a day are the national service companies as in:  Sears, GE, and Whirlpool or independent service companies which service multiple large cities...

Usually the service from large corporate service companies like Sears, GE and Whirlpool does not produce happy satisfied customers, however, there can be exceptions due to the large numbers.

The Sears technician carry their laptop computer and usually require a minimum of two trips to complete a service call.  The laptop helps the tech to communicate with the Sears Staff back at the dispatch center and guides the diagnostics and also to search for parts or quote a price for repairs.  Appliance Service Experience is not a requirement to be hired by the Sears Appliance Service Division: high school diploma, clean driving record and be at least 18 is the basis of being hired...thus the need for Laptops.

(Sears Technicians) aka Whirlpool technicians are also working for Sears in their other disguise as A&E technicians aka A&E Factory Service.  The story goes like this: Once upon a time, Home Depot, Best Buy, Lowes would utilize Sears Appliance Service to service the appliances sold thru Home Depot, Best Buy, Lowes....however, it did not look good for the Sears Truck to pull up to their customers house to service the Home Depot, Best Buy or Lowes the story goes that Sears Incorporated a new User Friendly A&E Truck and Uniforms and called it  "A&E Factory Service"... so everyone could feel good at: Home Depot, Lowes and Best Buy !?

A&E states: "they complete over two million service calls per year".  That's more calls than most service companies will service in 100 years"... {which includes us}.

If the Sears Service calls are combined with the A&E Service Calls...the number would be over 3 or 5 million service calls per year.  They charge 129.00 per trip charge plus labor, plus parts, plus misc charges.

That's a whopping 1 Billion Plus Dollars per year !   $1,125,000,000 in service calls per year, every year.   Sears aka A&E does three Million per day in revenue for Service Calls according to Sears.

I read the 2 million story at:

Another interesting story of the Sears legacy in the pass few years.  Eddie S. Lampert is ultimately the owner / Big Chief of Sears Appliance Service (owns 61 million shares of Sears Holdings) and also runs the day to day operations of Sears.  Eddie also owns A&E Factory Service.  He controls, manages and operates Sears and K-Mart.  He also owns 25% of Auto Zone, owns stock in Citi Group, Auto Nation, Capital One, Genworth Financial-(insurance), Wells Fargo, Bank of America, as of this writing.

Off topic: we have noticed on those rare occasions when something goes wrong and one of our customers becomes the exact opposite of Happy and Satisfied with our service, our customer will demand to speak to the owner.  Our management team will ultimately have the boss call and he will get his head chewed off.  ; )

If you ever call Sears or A&E for service and something goes wrong...and you wish to complain to the owner of the appliance service company, ask for Eddie S. Lampert, he's the owner; and it's only fair.

All Service Companies dream about having One Million Satisfied Customers... there's only one problem with the dream.... it's not possible unless your name is Eddie S Lampert which owns and operates Sears... or GE which are National Appliance Service Companies and performing about 25 - 100 thousand calls per day which produces 9-36 million service calls per year; they should have at least "One Million Happy Satisfied Customers".  We think that may be due to the volume of business they do.

Note:  Eddie also does most of the Whirpool, Maytag, Amana, Kitchen Aide, Jenn Aire Authorized Factory Service thru A&E Factory Service.   Hope you found it interesting!

Herewith is another note: We should utilize the goods and services from smaller companies instead of large corporations as much as possible.  When the day arrives that the Lamperts (Sears, K-Mart, Auto Zone, Banks,) and the Waltons (Walmart Stores, Sams Club)  are the only stores to shop at, prices will soar.  Prices have already soared. 

The Waltons (Walmart Stores) currently hold four of the top ten positions of the worlds weathiest people.  Is it the prices we pay at the Walmart Stores that makes the Waltons Richer each year and the rest of us poorer ? Yes.

Most large corporations are GREEDY DOGS... or should I say "all".


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